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Advanced Test & Training

“What gets measured gets improved”

Advanced Test & Training

“What gets measured gets improved”


“What gets measured gets improved”—security metrics are critical to understanding the health of the function and provide a transparent picture of the security organization.

Security metrics are critical to understanding the health of the core function and provide a transparent picture of the organization's security

Amalgamated Security Services Limited utilizes a top down security metrics program to assess its operational performance where broader operational performance metrics serve as the foundational day-to-day tactical metrics that can be aggregated at the functional and strategic levels to support enterprise security risk reduction goals.

  • Our metrics are designed from the top down and developed to support organizational goals and onjectives.
  • Our metrics provide for greater visibility and transparency into goal attainment.
  • Our security goals are specific, limited, meaningful, and have context.

Oversight & Management Controls

Oversight and management controls ensure performance meets expectations. Management oversight ensures everything ties together within a continuous improvement loop. The results provide transparency on the adoption of the controls framework, inform the governance structure, challenge the scope, and lead to gap-based and risk-informed initiatives for inclusion in the business plan.

Management controls ensure the organization is readily able to check performance and adjust direction as needed.

Key Components
Management Review Meetings

Review meetings ensure leadership is effectively informed and engaged in driving their respective areas’ performance. These meetings are regularly scheduled to provide management oversight of organizational performance, identify learning opportunities, and support continuous improvement. These should include security stakeholders from throughout the enterprise


Self-assessments answer the question, “How are we doing?” Self-assessments evaluate core function performance in each area by determining current performance, identifying gaps between current and desired performance, and defining strengths and deficiencies. A self-assessments plan is developed and reviewed at the beginning of each year

Peer Groups

Peer groups communicate frequently and meet regularly to collectively analyze/monitor core function performance metrics, identify gaps, and drive continuous improvement and core function oversight and support

Corrective Action Program (CAP)

CAP is a standard approach for issue resolution that provides a formal list of risk-based prioritized issues, a consistent process to investigate and resolve issues, and a mechanism to track all corrective actions

Performance Metrics//Goals

Developing, implementing, and monitoring a comprehensive set of core function performance metrics will set expectations and identify gaps or adverse trends

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