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Financial Institution Outsourcing

Financial Institution Outsourcing

Professionals in Financial Institution Outsourcing

Each financial institution, in outsourcing its non-core functions, needs a reliable partner and Amalgamated Security provides the reliability needed by the commercial banking industry. With over 20 years experience Amalgamated Security has developed capabilities in many of the non-core back-office functions of the bank such as deposit processing, bulk cash management, coin management, ATM Servicing and statement production and distribution and so become the preferred partner for outsourcing by financial institutions in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Financial Institution Outsourcing

Further our Vault-On-Wheels approach allows financial institutions to reach out to their customers across the country thus extending their geographic reach.

In partnership with Amalgamated, Banks can achieve cost savings, risk reduction and efficiency from the outsourcing of these services. Outsourcing has the further advantage of allowing bank staff to focus on higher value-added activities.

Cost saving

01 Cost saving

Risk reduction

02 Risk reduction


03 Efficiency

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