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Gate Automation Systems

All our electric gate installations are covered by a full warranty.

Gate Automation Systems

Gate Automation Systems

Amalgamated Security has been installing and maintaining all types of domestic and commercial electric gates for over 20 years. We deal directly with the leading gate automation manufacturers allowing us to offer competitively priced gate motors, without compromising on the quality.

Many individuals who have installed electric gates subsequently complain that the gate motor did not last as long as they expected or required servicing more frequently than they expected. Often these problems stem from the fact that an incorrect sized gate motor was used. Prior to providing any proposal to a customer our technical staff meet with the customer to determine the type and size of gate plus the intended use. Our sales teams are happy to offer advice or information, not only about the gate motor but also about the physical gate to ensure that the customer gets the correct product.

All our electric gate installations are covered by a full warranty and we provide preventative maintenance services.

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