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Ms. Margaret Sampson-Browne Biography

Ms. Margaret Sampson -Browne is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police who has served in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service for forty one (41) years. Currently she holds the portfolio of Corporate Communications Manager of the Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP). She sits on numerous committees which seek to advocate for social change. Most noteworthy are: The Child Protection Task Force Committee, Strengthening State Accountability to End Gender Based Violence Committee, Parole Implementation Committee to introduce and implement a parole system for the Prison Service and the Domestic Violence Committee. 

Mrs. Sampson- Browne has an academic background in Social Work, Criminology, Communication and Human Resource and Teaching Hearing Impaired (pre-school level).

****Mrs. Sampson-Browne is well versed in the field of Law Enforcement and Social Work; as she keeps her knowledge up-to-date by attending numerous conferences and training programmes yearly such as the International Association of Women Police Annual Conferences.

Apart from her academic qualifications, she is a recipient of many prestigious awards which include the National Award, Humming Bird Gold Medal of Merit Public Service (2011); Arima City Corporation Honorary Community Award, Sangre Grande Corporation- Honorary Community Award, San Fernando Government Secondary School Alumni Association Public Service Award (2012) , Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT) Woman of Influence Award 2014, ASPIRE Woman of the year award in recognition of work done on Domestic Violence 2014, and National Joint Action Committee Phenomenal Woman award (2013).

Throughout the years, Mrs. Sampson -Browne has been a vocal advocate both locally and regionally for children, domestic abuse victims, and gender equality for women in the workplace. She has written and co-written books two of which are the Domestic Violence Investigative and Procedural Manual for Police Officers, and a Rape and Safety Survival Booklet. Mrs. Sampson-Browne enjoys imparting her valuable knowledge and experiences to all.

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