Amalgamated Security Services (St. Vincent) Limited

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Ambulance Vehicles & Equipment

For Emergency Assistance, Call our direct, toll-free number 800-LIVE (8453)

Ambulance Vehicles & Equipment

Our Vehicles & Equipment

The ambulances used by our Ambulance Service are purpose built vehicles specifically designed to be operated as ambulances. As such our ambulances are equipped with required equipment, in particular oxygen, suction apparatus, spinal boards (long & short), KED extrication devices, scoop stretchers, portable-folding stretchers, normal stretchers and wheel chairs.

The design of our vehicles was done in a manner to ensure that our ambulances have large comfortable interiors and that it is easy for us to ensure hygienic and safety standards.

Our vehicles are also equipped with the appropriate warning devices to enable the swiftest but safest movement through traffic. Our ambulances are fitted with GPS locators that allow our dispatch center to always know where our emergency vehicles are located enabling us to ensure that the closest vehicle to your medical emergency is dispatched.

In addition there is radio and cell phone contact between our ambulances and our dispatch centre so that there is constant and easy communication.

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